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Kyla Rose Maher

Kyla is the Executive Director of the Long Time Sun Yoga Project. She's a long time Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, student, and certified teacher, which was the catalyst for her recovery from addiction over 9 years ago. She owns Long Time Sun Apparel, a Kundalini Yoga clothing and lifestyle brand. She teaches a weekly class in Newport, RI, and has experience teaching retreats and workshops around the world. Influences include Guru Singh, Hari Kaur, Wim Hoff, Marie Forleo, and of course, Yogi Bhajan. She's certified in SuperHealth, Kundalini Yoga for Addiction Recovery, Trauma Informed Yoga through the Purple Dot Yoga Project as well as the Path of Service Outreach Teacher Training through Shri Studios. Her mission behind her brand and her teaching is to present Kundalini Yoga in an accessible, grounded, authentic way.

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